Professional REVIT MEP Course Details

Professional REVIT MEP - Fees : 39,550 2?,550

Autodesk Revit MEP training course, you will learn the tools and techniques for using this building information modeling software for mechanical, electrical and plumbing design.

Starting with the basics of Revit MEP, we teach you how to work with the interface, and where the tools you will use are located. You will learn to create a project, and how to use views. We explain using component families, and creating zones; even performing building performance analysis is explained. You will learn to design HVAC, piping, plumbing, fire protection, and, of course, electrical systems. We even covers detailing, documentation, work sharing, and various methods of presenting your models.

PROJECTS: Create 3D Models and Render them into Images or Movie Clips, Interior designing Walk-through Views, Design & Development. Enhance the look of your interiors with special effects. Give a Natural look to your interiors & Architectural Designs, Lighting Tools, Models….

  • Systems Tab – HVAC And Mechanical
  • Moving And Copying / Groups – Model
  • Linked CAD Files – Floor Plans
  • View Templates
  • Basic Family Creation – Planning
  • Rooms And Room Tags
  • Analyzing Heating And Cooling Loads
  • Automatic Ductwork Layouts
  • Mechanical Systems – Hydronics
  • Creating Power Circuits
  • Schedules For Data Filtering
  • Dimensions
  • Walkthroughs

Course Syllabus


  • The MEP Interface
  • The REVIT Interface
  • Customizing The Interface
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using The Included Working Files
  • Working With Views
  • File Concepts – Project Files And Templates
  • File Concepts – Family Files And Templates
  • File Concepts – System Families
  • File Concepts – In-Place Families


  • Selecting Elements
  • Using Filter
  • Use Of The TAB Key
  • Moving And Copying
  • Copy And Paste
  • Rotating
  • Selecting Elements
  • Mirror
  • Linear Arrays
  • Radial Arrays
  • Extend And Trim
  • The Align tool
  • Offset
  • Re-Hosting Elements
  • Groups – Model
  • Groups – Detail
  • Groups – Detail Using Components
  • Starting An MEP Project

100 % Practicals Live Projects be an Revit MEP Professional

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  • Introducing Modifier
  • How to use Modifier
  • Creating Blanket with Bed and Table Cloth using some special modifiers
  • Creating Glass Model Using Modifier
  • Creating Curtains using special modifiers
  • Modifier : FFD, Lattice, Extrude, Displace, Shell, Skew, UVW Map etc.


  • Introducing Editable Poly
  • How to Convert Poly
  • Poly Options:Vertex, Edge, Border, Polygon, Spline
  • How to Create Basic Modeling
  • How to Create Advance Modeling
  • Creating Chairs, Table, Fan etc.


  • Importing AutoCAD 2D Plan File in 3Ds Max
  • Applying Camera, Lights and Materials in 3D Model view
  • Rendering Model View using Default Scan line Renderer
  • Rendering Building View using Mental Ray Renderer


  • Introducing Material Panel
  • Working with the Material Editor / Material Maps
  • Using Glass, Mirror, Texture Materials etc.
  • Apply Flooring Materials etc.

100 % Practicals Live Projects be an Revit MEP Professional

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  • Introducing Light
  • How to use Standard & Photometric Lights
  • Using Spot light and Lens effects
  • Lights: Viewing a scene from a light
  • Difference of Free Light & Target Lights
  • Altering Light Parameters, Special Effects
  • Projector Maps & Raytraced Shadows


  • Introducing Cameras
  • Animation Basics : Using the animate button
  • Difference of Free Camera & Target Camera
  • Working with keys, Controlling time
  • Using the Motion Panel, Animating Objects
  • Working with the Track View
  • Working with Curves & Tangents
  • Working with the Track View
  • Filtering Tracks,Working with Controllers
  • Setting Rendering Parameters ..etc.
  • with Camera Walk through